About the Collective

Members of the collective vote to work on the projects to which they’re inspired to contribute their talents.

You want work done quickly. But not at the expense of quality and predictability.

Once a project is selected by the collective, a team is of at least three members dedicate themselves only to your project. 

Clients knows exactly when work will be happening and are welcome to make themselves available


Benefits for Q Creative Collective Team Members

Members Barter With Each Other Using Our Proprietary Digital Currency

Members can collaborate independently on projects and compensate each other with custom-coded currency called pollen, exclusive to the Q Creative Collective.

Work Only When You're Inspired

The community votes on brands and projects proposed for us to consider working with. Once approved, we do a brand analysis and match the best team members with the project they want.

Human First Approach

We are a values-driven collective putting people over profits. We cut corners or employ marketing tactics that exploit the insecurities and fears of the consumer.

“We don’t just think outside the box.

We build a better box.

Underpinning all of our work is the commitment to communities to collaborate and care for each other.”


Jennifer Ann Love, CCO Q Creative

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3363 Sheridan Street #623
Hollywood, Florida 33021
United States

[email protected]
Text anytime: +1 (954) 758-9058

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We are a curated collective of creative experts collaborating to make brands that matter stand out and make a difference.